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Paris Postgraduate Festival 2023
'Sounds & Visions'
Experimental Film Screening with Live Music
Held at La Peniche Cinema - Le Baruda
Curated by Beth Privitera, Valentin Neuroth
& Mihnea Vonica 

Live, experimental music by Antoine Karacostas accompanied by an exceptional programme of short films.

The experimental event incorporates live jazz music and a selection of contemporary short films, with their original sound removed and replaced by a fresh improvised composition.

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BFI Future Film Festival 2021
'Girlhood Un-Interrupted'
Zine Making Workshop & Panel Discussion
Held in the Blue Room at the BFI Southbank, London
Managed by Beth Privitera

Coinciding with the BFI’s Seen and Heard season, this session reflected upon depictions of young women in film and celebrates the complex characters that resonate with so many of us. Through an interactive discussion, a diverse panel of filmmakers, writers, critics and researchers.

Creative workshop
Inspired by the riot grrrl movement, participants were encouraged to create collage booklets from contemporary fashion magazines
Panel discussion:
Curated by Beth Privitera, Ramatouli Bobb & Clodagh Chapman
Discussion Anna Smith (Film Critic, Girls on Film Podcast) Bukky Bakray (Actor: Rocks, The Gospel According to Gail)
and Lucy Bridger (Director: Mothering) 
Ramatoullie Bobb
Lucy Bridger
Anna Smith
Bukky Backray
BFI London Film Festival 2021
For The Fans: Memes, Zines, Edits and Fanfic
Film Commission & Panel Discussion
Held in the Blue Room at the BFI Southbank, London
Curated by Beth Privitera, Siavash Minoukadeh
& Erick Jackaman

For the Fans is a panel discussion that celebrates this content and its creators. We’ll be screening new works, and getting into what fan content is and why it should be taken seriously. We'll also give you the chance to produce your own work of fan content with a fanzine-making workshop, so you can finally put those photos of your favourite characters to good use.

Stella Parker, Hugo Hutchins
& Niall Chaudhuri-Julyan

Stella Parker, Hugo Hutchins, Niall Chaudhuri-Julyan & Megan Mitchell
Heart Faliure.jpg

Will Wightman, Filmmaker

Film: Heart Failure

Topics: Lockdown Filmmaking, challenging conventions, love letter to Falmouth


Interview with Diana Cam Van Ngen, Filmmaker

Film: Love, Dad

Topics: Heritage influencing art, Studying film in Europe, Animation techniques

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 19.29.04.png

Interview with Keron Day - Actor

Film: We're Too Good For This

Topics: Unique stories, Representation of disability on screen

Authentic voices, Collaborative filmmaking

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at 19.32.38.png

Interview with Tayyib Mahmood - Film Industry Trainee

Topics: Industry advice, BFI industry training, The Batman

Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 20.36.36.png

Interview with Efa Blosse-Mason

Film: Earthly Delights

Topics: Welsh film funding, Queer perspectives in animation

Getting work as an emerging animator


Interview with Bradley Banton

Topics: Screenwriting, Directing, Generating ideas

Film: Blackmael - Best Experimental Winner @ BFI Future Film Festival

BFI YP.jpeg

BFI Future Film Festival Pre-Selection Committee 2021

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